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Nov 17 2007

Creating a favicon.ico

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Every few years, I need to create a favicon (the little icon next to the URL in the address bar) for a web site. As I recall, the format for those little 16×16 pixel graphics was set by Microsoft when IE was taking over the browser market from Netscape, but for whatever reason, many graphics programs on OS X don’t create *.ico files. Fortunately, a free web site comes to the rescue. It will upload a graphic and turn it into a .ico file for you. There is an associated verification page that will check out the favicon.ico on your website.

Very helpful for those of us who create favicons very rarely.

Update: See comment below for another site that does favicons.

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Jul 14 2007

Parallels to VMware Fusion (OS/X)

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I’ve been using two Windows apps on version 2.x of Parallels for Windows with no problems, but was intrigued by VMware’s entry into the OS X virtualiztion world so I’ve been trying their release candidate of “Fusion”. My main interest in VMware is its support for non Windows OS’s. Debian Linux in particular.
When reading some of the posts on VMware’s Fusion site, I came across a very useful link to very detailed instructions on how to migrate a Parallels vm to VMware. They worked flawlessly.

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Apr 27 2007

Using Parallels

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Well I finally started to use Windows XP in a Parallels for Mac virtual machine and Parallels is pretty slick. I’ve had a few glitches but overall it works very well. My main motivation and only use for windows is a broker supplied program that accesses and displays market data. A “Windows only” program.

The glitches:

  • After installation, which was done by my vendor, Windows XP was configured to boot directly to an “administrator” id with no need to enter a password; i.e. no security at all. Google helped to fix that when I found a Parallels forum post that said: “to use Start > Run, type “Control userpasswords2”. Then check the box that reads “Users must enter passwords…” which brings up a “User Account” tabbed control panel. That fixed it.
  • The version of parallels that I had installed, from December 2006, didn’t support USB 2.0 on a MacBook Pro. When I upgraded to a current “Beta”, Build 3188, the problem was fixed. The error message I had been getting was about something else using the USB. Not too appropriate.
  • After installing the upgrade to B3188, I started to see a message about the wrong version of Parallel Tools being in use and that I should upgrade. The message told where to find the upgrade, but I didn’t realize the virtual machine needed to be running. The upgrade is done from within windows. The warning message Referred to the “VM” menu item, but didn’t see that menu since I was running Windows in full screen mode. When I found the menus, the “Install Parallels Tools” item was in the “Actions” menu, not the VM menu. Worked fine once found.
  • There are strange and unpleasant but not disastrous interactions with “Virtue Desktop” which I use to provide multiple ‘desktops’. When in “Coherence Mode” the Windows window slide off to the side of the desktop and couldn’t be found anywhere so coherence mode doesn’t work (at the moment). Also, the interaction between Virtue and Parallels messes up the size and location of windows on other Desktop.

Postscript: Presumably due to some interaction between Virtue and Parallels, All my Virtue desktops became locked up. I couldn’t move among them and couldn’t change the windows. I logged off and then back on. When Virtue restarted a dialog said that Virtue needed to correct permissions to function properly. Worked okay after that. Virtue is no longer under development so no fix likely till 10.5 is released with its virtual desktop software.

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Dec 21 2006

Virtue, Parallels, Windows XP

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Finally settled in with the OS X setup, applications configuration and actually some use of the new MBP. The machine is very nice. Fast and I love the 17 inch screen. Enough space to have two documents side by side; sometimes with a bit of overlap. That in itself is a great efficiency improvement. The ‘glossy’ screen is very nice and clear. The small font sizes that come with the use of the higher resolution screen is a challenge at times for my deteriorating eyesight, but so far I’ve avoided cranking up the size.

Also on the usage front, I’ve switched from Virtual Desktop, which seems to be dying, to Virtue desktop which I’d tried once before. At that time, I preferred Virtual Desktop, but now I actually like Virtue better. Only thing I don’t like is the lack of a way to move documents windows, between desktops. May be someway to do it, but I don’t know what it is.

The last thing I’ve cranked up is Parallels virtual machine software and a copy of W/XP which I bought with my machine. The vendor, Smalldog Electronics installed parallels and a single windows VM. At first I didn’t realize they had installed a VM in parallels so I went ahead and installed W/XP into a new VM. Easy enough to do without reading the manual. Then I realized Smalldog had installed a VM in /Users/Shared which is not Parallels’ default location, and I deleted the VM I had created. Easy to use and very nice to see W/XP running smoothly inside of an OS/X window. Seems to work reasonably well with Virtue as well so that I can have a full screen W/XP and flip back and forth to OS/X as easily as I can switch between virtual OS X desktops. Nice, but the latest Bata promises much slicker integration of VM windows into OS/X.

BTW, Parallels comes with a good set of documentation.

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