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Sep 30 2006

Kernel Upgrade (via debian)

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The machine on which this blog is hosted is not in the city in which I live, and its linux kernel had gotten badly out of date. So, I was in the position of remotely updating the kernel with the attendant risk of a catastrophic screw up; one which would have left the machine un-bootable. This concern was made worrisome by my experience updating the kernel being as out of date at the kernel itself! But it was time to proceed anyway.

Earlier in this week, I’d used apt-get to download and install a recent 2.6.8 kernel and then I spent some time looking around the configuration of the remote server for issues. Found a couple of warning that had me a little worried. One from lilo about /dev and /proc being out of sync

Warning: '/proc/partitions' does not match '/dev' directory structure."
		"Name change: '/dev/ide/host0/bus1/target1/lun0/disc' -> '/dev/hdd'"
		There isn't a ide subdir under /dev!!

,and then a couple of the modules mentioned in /etc/modules didn’t appear explicitly in the listing of modules available with this kernel. I decided that neither of this were too ominous to proceed. The lilo warning was potentially bad, but since it was only a ‘warning’ I decided to go ahead. Well all turned out well and the machine came back after the reboot. Thanks to the debian installation system which did almost all the work. I only changed one line in lilo.conf.

So the process ends up being very simple, but I still think care and thought help.

  • Install kernel: kernel-image-2.6.8-3-686 – Linux kernel image for PPro/Celeron/PII/PIII/P4.
  • Install added stanza for new kernel. I changed one line in linuxOLD to reference to old initrd.img file
  • Install left /etc/modules is unchanged, but two modules are not explicitly included in 2.6.8. They are: usb-uhci & usbkbd, but no errors reported on reboot
  • Run lilo: one warning (see above) but no further warnings or errors on reboot.
  • Reboot

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