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May 11 2007

Changing Desktop font size (& in Finder windows)

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  • Click on the Desktop to make sure that the Finder is the active application and Desktop is selected.
  • Choose View > Show View Options.
  • The default type size is 12 points. Use the Text size pop-up menu to select a larger type size. You can choose from 11 point (smaller) to 16 point (bigger).

You can resize the font in a Finder windows, too. Just open the Finder window before changing the text size in the View Options dialog. Finders organizational options are accessed in the same way.

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May 10 2007

Show hidden files in Finder

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This is an OS X tip that is easily found by googling. Just want a copy here.
In order for finder to show “hidden” file, those with a name starting with a “.” (dot or period).

      In a command line terminal type:
      defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
      killall Finder

When you now open a finder window, you’ll see all the files in their respective directories. Getting back to standard files is the obvious inverse.

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