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Jul 14 2007

Parallels to VMware Fusion (OS/X)

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I’ve been using two Windows apps on version 2.x of Parallels for Windows with no problems, but was intrigued by VMware’s entry into the OS X virtualiztion world so I’ve been trying their release candidate of “Fusion”. My main interest in VMware is its support for non Windows OS’s. Debian Linux in particular.
When reading some of the posts on VMware’s Fusion site, I came across a very useful link to very detailed instructions on how to migrate a Parallels vm to VMware. They worked flawlessly.

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Jul 06 2007

Auto-restart Mac Mini

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I have a mac mini running Debian Linux as a server and it works fine, has a very small physical ‘footprint’, and so far has been very reliable. A problem has has bitten me once is that the mini does not ‘naturally’ reboot after a power failure the way that old desktop PC’s reboot. Its power switch isn’t “on” after the machine is running so power doesn’t return and someone needs to manually press the start button. When running OS X there is a simple power management setting to control this reboot, but that isn’t available via Linux. Googling for a solution resulted in the answer which I’ll repeat here in order to spread it further. Nothing original.

The best source I’ve found is provided by a UK based hosting service, Mythic Beasts. Due to hardware differences, the solution is different for PowerPC and Intel based minis. Also, the setting which controls the restart doesn’t survive a restart and thus has to be reset after or during each start. A kernel patch is provided as the best solution, but I’ve opted for the simpler but less reliable script based solution.

After every boot, a little script runs and it contains one line:

    echo server_mode=1 > /proc/pmu/options

I put a link to this sciript at the start of the list in rc2.d. A symlink

     S09hak-reboot –> ../init.d/hak-reboot

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