Jan 23 2007

Quicken’s Three Year Software License

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A piece of paper mail arrived yesterday from Intuit which described their plans to drop support for Quicken 2004. Seemed pretty innocuous until I read further. In addition to the expected cessation of telephone support, key services will also be stopped. No more download of stock quotes, no more download of transaction data from bank accounts, and no more bill payment services! For me, the stopage of the first two of those services effectively kills off any value the product had. So I’m forced to pay them more money for a new license or switch to some other program which will also cost more money.

There is an alternative criss platform personal finance product called “Moneydance” which looks like it would meet my needs with one killer exception. I need to access accounts at Fidelity Investments, but Fidelity only works with Quicken and MS’ Money products! So I guess I’ll be forced to pay Intuit more money to stay feasible since I don’t want to have to manually enter Investment transactions.


PS. I’ve seen reference that imply Moneydance can download from Fidelity Investments. I’ll look at that option a bit more.

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