Nov 18 2007

Upgrade OS X to 10.5 (Leopard)

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Some comments and observations on my upgrade to Leopard from 10.4.10. The initial install was straightforward. Took on the order of an hour but worked smoothly. The following notes have probably been covered in various reviews, but they were
new to me.

Of note:

  • Mail requires upgrading mails storage which I’m sure is not reversible.
  • The OS seems to have forgotten some certificates that I’d approved in 10.4.Most notably my own mail servers certificate. A nice feature, I think, is that the dialog that says it is untrusted includes the ability to add it to the trusteed list. I never noticed that in 10.4,
  • Mail is more of a PIM (if PIM is still a viable acronym: Personal Information Manager) now. It automatically imports ‘to do’ items from iCal and has a ‘notes’ capability. I think I’ll like the notes. Not sure about the ‘to do’ import. It seems that you can edit the body of a to do in mail. Have to go back to iCal. You can change due date, etc.
  • Mail’s new ‘Notes’ can be put into IMAP mail boxes. Not sure how that is handled and whether they are actually put on the IMAP server or just kept on the mac and displayed as if they were on the server. Curious. They can’t be put into a smart (rule based) mailbox
  • iCal’s ‘slide out’ panel that which shows details of appointments and to do items seems to have been eliminated in favor of a ‘get info’ pop up. You have to ctrl-click or use cmd-i to see the details of either. Not sure I like that as I’d often glance at details.
  • Spaces is the feature I most wanted as I’m used to using multiple desktops. In a lot of ways, it is not too slick (e.g. no names for spaces, just numbers), but one characteristic I do like is it doesn’t switch spaces if there is an open application window in the current space. I put browser windows in doesn’t jump to a home space for the browser.
  • Gvim, iTerm, VMware, Firefox, Address book all seemed to work as expected.


  • Mail provided the first glitch. Seems that gpgmail is not compatible with this version of mail. “Get a new one”. Is there a new one?
  • Quicksilver was unable to connect when I told it to check for updates? Pathfinder seems to connect and check for updates properly. Is quicksilver needed? I used it as a program launcher and spotlight seems much faster and may be able to handle the launch role.
  • Programs installed in /usr/local/…. were not transferred to the 10.5. They remain on the “Previous System” and have to be migrated by hand or reinstalled. Ugh.

So that’s the first pass.

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