Jan 19 2014

Server Hardware

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Since this will be an all new machine, I went shopping online and ended up with the following collection of parts for about $600. Many, many choices and I didn’t spend too much time researching this. Chose vendors that I’ve used in the past and models influenced by limited ‘googling’ and, naturally, my requirements.

    ASUS H87M-PLUS/CSM DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 Motherboard
    Intel Core i5-4430 Quad-Core Desktop Processor 3.0 GHz 6 MB Cache LGA 1150
    Crucial 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL11 SODIMM
    Crucial M500 120GB SATA 2.5-Inch 7mm (with 9.5mm adapter) Internal Solid State Drive
    Silverstone Tek GD05B-USB3.0 Aluminum/Steel Micro ATX HTPC Computer Case
    SilverStone Strider Plus ST50F-P 500W ATX

Except for initial setup, this will be a headless system managed via ssh.
Mass storage is yet to be acquired. The SSD will have partitions for boot, root, home, var, etc. Bigger spinning storage will be acquired and then managed via LVM to provide media storage, backup space for other machines, etc.
The CPU in particular might to overkill depending on how many systems I actually run on this box. We’ll see.

Update (29 Jan 2014):

Found I had access to a 60GB OCZ SSD so that replaced the Crucial 120GB SSD.
Ordered the wrong DIMMs (laptop version by mistake) so quickly bought a pair of Corsair Dimms at BestBuy. Kinda of funny as they come with big, blue, heat spreaders.
With those changes, everything came together nicely. Machine has been running, doing nothing much, for about a week pending arrival of a hard drive.

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